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 "I suffered a very painful bursitis condition in my left shoulder for forty five years, resulting from a weight lifting injury when I was seventeen.  I actually had to cross myself, using my right arm to operate the ATM because of the limited range of motion I had in my left shoulder.  Dr. Einertson recommended a series of treatments involving ultra-sound and dia-thermy, targeting my left deltoid/bursa complex.  Within a couple of months, my range of motion was greatly enhanced and movement was less painful.  After about six months of regular therapy, I was completely well again, having full range of motion with my left arm, and absolutely pain free!  Thanks Dr. Bob, you're the greatest!"

ABR-Lake St. Louis, MO


 Dr. Bob administers Ultra-Sound to the elbow of young athlete.

"I suffered a severe back injury in a boating accident about ten years ago, in which my back was actually broken.  Needless to say, its a miracle that I can still walk.  However, spinal compression caused by injury to a couple of discs has resulted in almost constant pain.  Dr. Bob's expert therapies, including dia-thermy and spinal decompression have given me great relief.  I feel so much better after each visit to the office."

SE-Town and Country, MO


 Dr. Bob performs strategic adjustment to patient's neck area.

"Due to whiplash in an auto accident several years ago, I suffered frequent bouts of pain in my neck that actually gave me headache as well.  These lasted for hours and made life unbearable at times.  I found that normal function was just no longer possible under such conditions.  The stress was awful.  Then, a friend recommended Mid America Spine and Rehab and the rest is history--happy history.  With a carefully designed plan of professional therapy, I am now functioning like my old self again."

MC-St. Charles, MO

Below: Dr. Bob administers electrical stimulation to injured tendons of young athlete.


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